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An ode to the masters of space and design

Have you ever walked into a space so exquisite you were awestruck? You looked around with wonder filled eyes, your heart was aflutter and you couldn’t help being delighted. You definitely took photos to show your friends because if there are no photos... it didn’t happen plus you had to share it with someone. You told your best friend about it a couple of times and they are now tired of hearing your story. Yet, I bet you would be hard-pressed to mention the singular element that elevated the space from basic to a pleasurable experience. Yes, that is correct; a space’s elegance is not merely a function of a plush settee or a sparkling chandelier rather it is found on perfect balance between all the elements within it.

The interior designer is that masterful storyteller who spins an enchanting tale in the spaces that he designs. His work is done in homes, restaurants (that ambience is his doing), bars, offices, hospitals, shops and many other places and it is beyond the romantic. He innovates and represents his ideas digitally then he skilfully executes. Resourceful as he is, he doesn’t work alone; he must liaise with architects -sometimes he is one himself- engineers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, furniture manufacturers, art curators and vendors, etc., to give life to his ideas. There may be snags, disappointments and exasperation along the way but things come together charmingly, the story told in the artful designing, manufacture, selection and arrangement of furniture and soft furnishing, the combinations of exciting forms, rich textures and patterns and interesting colour schemes, the ingenious application of the science of light and lighting, and in the delightful punctuation with thoughtful accents and accessories. Beauty and functionality, each equally important and equally represented. This delicate art of bringing harmony, done unseen, leaves us in rapturous delight and makes a space more, an experience. It is money well spent.

If you have a space which you would like to transform into an experience or you simply want to convey an idea to your guests when they walk in, you need the expertise of an interior designer and Blanchub accessible and innovative teams of experts will get you exactly where you need to be and even more, exceed your expectations.

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