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Design and the human experience

Do interior architecture and design merely offer sentimental value (a socio-economic status indicator or just….whatever sentiment else there is) or do they meet an actual human need? In a society with growing cases of depression and its rebound effects, do you suppose that design can be used as a tool to curb the growing numbers?

As a design professional focused on residential interior design, I feel very strongly about the direct and indirect impact the work I do has on the everyday living experience of the average person; the lock-down heightened my consciousness of this because we all were literarily confined to our homes for almost 6 months (depending on the country you were at the time).

Regardless of my thoughts on the subject as a design professional, I’ve always wondered what the market we are supposed to be servicing thinks about this. Will you prioritize interior design for yourself? If yes, how much of a priority will it be to you?

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