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Fostering strategic collaborations and partnerships in the African design industry!

When I examine the foreign design sector, I find that brands and companies have thrived by leveraging collaborations and partnerships as a winning strategy. Consequently, this has fostered growth for the industry at large within these regions.

This phenomenon is not yet actively explored by designers/ design practices within the Nigerian/ African context and I believe it to be one of the reasons we don’t yet as a collective, have that voice that must be heard. It’s not enough to have pockets of individuals here and there who are ‘doing well for themselves. Design is such a vast subject with dynamic expressions and we must leverage each others’ strengths to build a fortified entity that is respectable and longed to be reckoned with.

After all, it’s said that the village you build ends up building you. At Blanchub, we are crazy about collaboration and partnership; it is intrinsic to our day-to-day modus operandi and forms one of our foundational ideologies as a design-tech company. We believe innovation and dynamism to be inevitable fruits of strategic collaborations and partnerships. With over 50 interior design teams, product designers, and product brands within our network of collaborators and partners, globally, we are constantly and diligently putting efforts into expanding this network with the aim to better deliver value to our clients and create more exciting spaces in the easiest, richest and fastest ways! You can learn more about our network from our company’s profile.

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